Published: 2011-07-21

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Crispin Cho-tokkyu.

The Cider SuperExpress.

Artisanal Reserve Cloudy Hard Cider.

With Sake Yeast & Organic Rice Syrup

The Crispin Cider Company (Crispin) takes cider in to the express lane with

Cho-tokkyo, a truly unique cider that uses apple-wine fermented with sake yeast, smoothed with gluten-free organic rice syrup.

The name Superexpress, Cho-tokkyu, initially used for Hikari "bullet trains" was retired in 1972 but is still used in English-language announcements and signage on the Shinkansen high-speed rail system in Japan.

"We have for years been inspired by the disciplined creativity of the people of Japan and their respect for true craftsmanship." said Crispin Head Cider-maker and COO, Bruce Nissen. "We are an untraditional cider company, and obviously Ch?-tokky? is not Yamahai, a traditional sake, and we are a cidery not a kura, but the distinctive dry finish and polished complexity with a defined apple backbone is a sincere, gentle salute to the spirit of Shu, and the Toji, chief-brewers of Japan".

Racy, High-Speed Cider.

ABV: 6.5%

Bottle Appearance: Powdery yeast in the bottom of the bottle before rousing.

Poured Appearance: Cloudy & opaque.

Color: Straw.

Aroma: Rich Tapioca notes, subtle apple aromas, bready nose.

Flavor: Dry & round; light caramel notes & hints of bread pudding in the middle; clean, snappy polished finish.

Mouth-feel: Soft, lingering.

"At first pour Cho-tokkyu, looks rich, with its cloudy straw color. This unfiltered cider's nose has aroma of tapioca, subtle apple characteristics and a light bready nose. With a round, yet dry, character that has hints of caramel & bread pudding. Ch?-tokky?finishes clean, dry and slightly acidic, while still having a lingering appley softness", says Crispin Cider-maker Ryan Aikens.

Artisanal Reserve Cloudy Hard Cider™. Small batch, hand-crafted, super-premium hard apple cider. Cho-tokkyu uses racked unfiltered apple-wine and is smoothed with gluten-free organic rice-syrup. Discerning drinkers will find residual apple-wine sediment in each bottle for a rich full-bodied flavor that's true to the apple & yeast and good to the last drop. Give a full Bottoms-Up! tilt & swirl to disperse the apple-wine sediment evenly and to ensure an even taste profile through the entire bottle.

The Greatest Cider Adventures

"We continue to redefine cider, to stretch the boundaries again, and to fulfill our ambition of continuing to bring new, interesting, completely different ciders to market, whilst remaining true to our ethos of not sacrificing drinkability for overbearing complexity," says Bruce Nissen, Crispin COO and Head Cider-maker.

About the Crispin & Fox Barrel Cider Companies

The Crispin Cider Company produces European-style natural hard apple ciders using fermented US West Coast fresh-pressed apple-juice in Original, Light and Brut varietals, and additional unfiltered Artisanal Reserves - Honey Crisp, Lansdowne, & The Saint, and also imports a classic English Dry Cider, Crispin Browns Lane.

The Fox Barrel Cider Company is dedicated to the production of superior pear ciders, using fermented fresh-pressed pear-juice. Available in Pacific Pear, Blackberry Pear and Apricot Pear varietals and additional unfiltered Cidery Reserves smoothed with organic honey Ginger & Blackcurrant and

Rhubarb & Elderberry.

The company is based in Minneapolis, MN & Colfax, CA. &

Contact details: , 612 -331 3699 , 612 - 331 3689 fax.

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