Crispin Natural Hard Cider

Published: 2011-06-28

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Crispin Rewrites the Cider House Rules

New Super-Premium Natural Hard Apple Cider. Refreshes the Palate - and Reinvents the Category

It's crisply satisfying and stylishly refined. Refreshing on its own, and a revelation with food. And it's delicious when served over ice.

Introducing new Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider

The first super-premium hard apple cider comes in three distinctive varietals:

Original: 5.0% ABV. Crisp over ice. A classically styled, but untraditional hard apple cider. Fruit forward, with a fresh, crunchy appley nose and a deliciously creamy, refreshingly crisp mouth feel.

Brut: 5.5 % ABV. European-style extra-dry over ice. The "champagne" of ciders; combining subtlety and sophistication; the epitome of unforced elegance. A crisp fresh apple bouquet with a brisk, refined finish that lingers on the palate.

Light: 3.2% ABV. Bright over ice. America's first light cider. Refreshingly light. Invigorating and full-flavored. A clean and cool, brisk and modern cider with delicate undertones that's deliciously bright and refreshing and often served with a lemon slice for a long cold spritzer-style refreshment.

Not your traditional cider.

"Crispin's flavor is pure, clean and crisp," says Joe Heron, president and founder of the Crispin Cider Company. "This is not a traditional 'Riverdance, wet Labradors and smoky pipes' hard apple cider, the kind that can leave you bloated rather than refreshed.

"Crispin is a modern interpretation of the pure, crisp refreshment of classical cider making. Crispin is not styled as a beer alternative. It's dry vs. sweet, and crisp not 'sticky' on the palate."

Naturally Superior

Crispin Super-Premium Natural Hard Apple Cider is true to the apple in the way a varietal wine stays true to its grape. It's naturally fermented using premium apple juice blends not from concentrate, and without added malt, spirit or grape alcohols.

Crispin's unique flavors, moreover, are smoothed without added sugar, colorants, sorbate or benzoate preservatives; just pure apple juice.

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Ciders are cold filtered for pure, crisp refreshment and are all Gluten Free for wheat-intolerant drinkers.

Crispin Salutes the Ice Cube.

No one has sacrificed more in the name of refreshment than the humble ice cube, and Crispin - designed to be enjoyed over a glass of fresh ice - recognizes its partner in refreshment and appreciates the willingness to serve.

Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider is in a glass of it's own. Raising the refreshment bar with a unique Pilsner-style glass designed to accentuate the distinct natural apple bouquet, and ideal for delivering pure crisp refreshment over fresh ice.

Beer, Wine...or Crispin?

Crispin appeals to the discerning consumer - someone looking for uncompromising natural refreshment. Claiming a unique space between wine and imported or craft beers, Crispin offers a much-desired alternative for consumers looking for super-premium quality refreshment.

Crispin & the culinary arts

Crispin elevates even the most refined cooking. It tames spicy food, adds nuance to seafood and crispness to salads, and provides welcome refreshment with your favorite pasta, pizza, brats and burgers. Its brisk freshness also enhances fine cheeses.

About the Crispin Cider Company

The Crispin Cider Company is dedicated to the development and marketing of superior pure hard apple cider refreshment. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Contact Details

Roepke Public Relations

612 - 677 1717 (w)

612 - 677 1714 (f)

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