The Jacket

Published: 2011-06-28

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Louisville. St Crispin's Day, October 2010.

A Louisville Slugger.

For your lips.

Introducing Crispin The JacketTM

Limited Release Cider Aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels

For those who think cider died with John Adams; It Still Moves. The Crispin Cider Company continues to innovate hard apple cider in to the 21'st century, with a limited release of cider aged in Tennessee Whiskey barrels. The scarcity of these 12 oz bottles may give you Evil Urges to get your hands on a bottle. You may have to line up At Dawn, and even if people are Highly Suspicious as to your intentions the wait may be One Big Holiday.

"Off The Record, this may be the most interesting cider we have ever made. It's soul lives in Louisville and it has a rock and roll heart that is worthy of Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal," said Crispin CEO Joe Heron.

I'm Amazed

A blend of 4 different naturally fermented apple-wines from apple juice, not from apple-juice concentrate, aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels, it's a sippin' cider that will get most on the dancefloors, just in time for the Xmas Curtain and lights the Tennessee fire in all of us. Crisp, delicious, yet full of the bluesy undertones, and the smooth aftertaste of a fine Tennessee Whiskey. Each sip gets your feet tappin' and your head bobbin' to the refreshing flavor rhythms that only Crispin creates.

The Greatest Cider Adventures

"We set out to redefine cider, to stretch the boundaries again, and to fulfill our ambition of continuing to bring new, interesting, completely different ciders to market, whilst remaining true to our ethos of not sacrificing drinkability for overbearing complexity," says Bruce Nissen, Crispin COO and Head Cider-maker. "We take every moment to share our ideas with the World, and The Jacket is only one of many examples of finely crafted, refreshingly natural ciders we careate."

About the Crispin Cider Company

In addition to Crispin Limited Reserves like The Jacket, the Crispin Cider Company also produces European-style Natural Hard Apple Ciders in Original,

Light and Brut varietals, and additional Artisanal Reserves - Honey Crisp, The Saint, and Lansdowne, as well as imports a classic English Cider called Browns Lane. The company also manufacturers and markets the Fox Barrel line of superior fruit flavored ciders - Pear, Black Currant. The company is based in Minneapolis, MN & Colfax CA. &

For Press Inquiries:

Paul Gillis, Crispin Cider


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