“The flavor though is where this one shines. It's smooth with a very bright apple flavor.  The honey is subtle and compliments the sweetness of the apples. I would keep this on hand for myself as a special occassion cider.  Something I break out when I'm wanting a cider that's more nuanced and complex. (Honey Crisp)” Reese Lloyd, The Cocktail Hacker
“This stuff is too heavenly to ponder earthbound matters.” Scene Newspaper
“Named after the original Jaguar car factory, Browns Lane is brawny and serious but still drinkable and crisp.  The sweetness gives a supporting balance to the long, dry, tart finish. Before you know it, you're cracking open another can. After fighting your way out of the scrum, there's little more that is more refreshing.” Stephanie March
“Honey made an appearance complimenting the flavor beautifully! (Honey Crisp)” The Brew Brows
“Crispin's Desert Noir cider was also a favorite. Stronger and sweeter than I expected, it was strong, yet fruity and refreshing with nice notes of agave. I like that Crispin keeps trying new things with cider.” A Perfect Pint
“I had no idea of the variety that ciders had, and how many ciders sounded like something I'd love to try. They're lighter, delicious, and so, so drinkable. I'll go ahead and say it. I'm now officially into ciders. I can't wait to try some of these concoctions, where a week ago I would've scoffed at the idea.” The Brew Bros
“I like Crispin and respect their funky diversions into the world of cider. The world has been waiting for you - keep 'em coming.” There's A Year In My Beer
“It seems like Crispin can't fail with their cider-experimentation and I can't help but be drawn into it.” There's A Year In My Beer
“(The Saint)..Not terribly tart, very easy to drink.” By The Pint Review of The Saint
“[The Saint] is one I would stock at home and could have a great deal of fun with in different pairing scenarios.” Ancient Fire Blog
“The latest offering from the Crispin Cider Company in Minneapolis, MN is a cider 100% pressed, fermented and produced in England. ..... Sounds good. 5.8ABV so tread lightly glass jawed types.” 10Engines
“Not only are these guys coming to the table with original, game changing ideas, they back up the ideas with top notch product.” Beer Buzz: Where Craft Meets Cider
“Browns Lane.... bursts with the bitterness of baking apples and bites with fruit-skin tannins. Fast and quenching, but still worth slowing down to drink...” Washington City Paper
“Hottest Cold Beverage 2009. The wine drinker's beer (and the beer drinker's wine).” Twin Cities Business
“...Brut (dry, crisp and champagne-like), Original (fruity, smooth & crisp) and Light (light but with a bit of a bite and bounce).” Erin Madsen, Metro Magazine
“...at home, sipping a Crispin Velvet, half Crispin Brut, the hard apple cider, topped off with Guinness.” CJ, StarTribune
“Part of Brut's success might go beyond the bubbles. It's also a good mixer with Jack Daniel's (Jack Frost, but of course) and Jameson Irish Whiskey (the Big Apple).” Bill Ward, StarTribune
“We recommend Crispin's newest varietal, Honey Crisp, a slightly sweet, little bit tart cider with layers of depth that will blow your mind.” Metro Magazine
“We've sold hard cider for years, but nothing that sold like this. We can't keep it on the shelves.” Jim Surdyk, Surdyk's, the Midwest's largest liquor store since 1934
“That's magnificent!” Kieran Folliard, Publican & Thespian. Owner, Cara Pub Group.
“What I love as a chef is how it really carries with food and brings out the flavors.” Executive Chef Paul Lynch, Firelake Restaurant & Grill
“...marries the refreshment and masculinity of beer to the sophistication and food appropriateness of wine.” Andrew Johnson, Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal
“Poured with a very quickly dissipating head, almost like champagne. Light golden coloring, reminiscent of a very light lager. Beautiful bouquet of apple, pear and other delicate fruit in the nose.” CaptainsBeerBlog.com
“Crispin's flavor profile may be more remarkable for what it's not rather than what it is; unlike the majority of widely available cider beverages, the stuff is not cloying, overly sweet, artificially colored, or hamfisted.” HeavyTable.com
“Most people have a negative impression of hard ciders, much like people have serious misconceptions and reservations about Rieslings. They think they're too sweet, too cloying, not nearly bright and refreshing enough, and more for dessert than anything else. But, like the finest Rieslings, hard ciders come in a wide range of profiles with varying degrees of sweetness; not all ciders have to be over the top saccharine, and most of the best, in fact, are not.” Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
“Crispin's new Honey Crisp Unfiltered was the surprise of the evening for me. Much more akin to a hefeweizen in its unfiltered appearance, and a witbier in its yeast-forward aroma and flavor.” CaptainsBeerBlog.com
“The second course showed off what cider pairings can accomplish, setting the cooling and sweet Crispin Original in opposition to a spicy achiote rub on a piece of Alaskan halibut.” HeavyTable.com
“Beer writer, Aaron Masterson, likened the impact of the cloudy, earthy Honey Crisp - named for the organic honey used in its production, not for Honeycrisp apples - to a Hefeweizen.” HeavyTable.com
“Beer writer, Aaron Masterson, likened the impact of the cloudy, earthy Honey Crisp - named for the organic honey used in its production, not for Honeycrisp apples - to a Hefeweizen.” HeavyTable.com
“Honey Crisp was certainly the star of the evening and my personal favorite. The simple, clean honey taste comes through beautifully without being sickly sweet or heavy.” SimpleGoodAndTasty.com
“Crispin Brut ...is unquestionably one easy beverage to drink and with a 5.5% ABV you can enjoy many with no worries.” LegalBeer.com
“And Brut is a particularly good match with food, whether using it to cook brats or sipping it with a spicy pho.” Bill Ward, StarTribune
“Brut - restrained, almost dry in flavor with a delicate floral / apple nose - could easily substitute gastronomically for champagne.” HeavyTable.com
“Crispin's new Honey Crisp Unfiltered...very bready, with a touch of floral honey and clove. In other words, it was about the furthest thing from a cider that you'd expect. The apple took a serious back seat to everything else going on.” CaptainsBeerBlog.com
“Honey Crisp... "is a unique beast, offering more depth than the typical cider and an almost citric attack that complements its sweetness.” HeavyTable.com
“Crispin Brut...is unquestionably the most refreshing, easy to drink, and overall tasty cider I have had the opportunity to consume.” LegalBeer.com
“The Brut Extra Dry offering delivers with a fuller, more complex flavor. Indeed, it's darker in the glass than the original, and 5.5% ABV is well within the accepted range. Some red-apple hints round out the flavor, the dryness works with the more robust flavor to form a more cohesive, sessionable drink.” Draft Magazine
“The Brut version is an excellent way to refresh while the weather's still toasty, and a wonderful pairing for grilled chicken and summer salads."” Draft Magazine
“I liked both the original and the brut, which seemed somehow cleaner and crisper than the British imports I have sampled locally.” Jeremy Iggers, TC Foodies
“Pours a hazy opaque white hue that is similar to grapefruit juice. Smelling strongly of rich sweet apples and some gentle honey. Tastes of fresh fermented apples, moderately sweet slightly dry finishing with some nice additional honey sweetness and gentle tartness. Mouth-feel is made slightly creamy by the honey.” LegalBeer.com
“(Honey Crisp) "cider is fermented with organic honey, which lends a smoothness to brew some other ciders lack. It also has some serious alcohol content for a cider at around 6.5% ABV. Sip this in moderation, ...” Chicagoist.com, Beer of the Week
“The Honeycrisp cider is AMAZING. It comes in a larger, 22 oz bottle for splitting (or a really good night!). It has a mellower, sweeter flavor that is accented by the honey they use. It is sublime. I want more ...” foodandwinearemylife.blogspot.com
“The brut has a really potent appley flavor without being overly sweet. At first it took a little getting used to as the flavor is really different that what I have been used to in a hard cider. However, the taste grows on you and you really start to appreciate cider that actually tastes the way its supposed to, and not like sugar.” foodandwinearemylife.blogspot.com
“Honey Crisp. This cider made the biggest impression on me because I could really taste the honey and it was very nice with the pork. Very.” lizzydishesportland.blogspot.com
“My favorite drink on the list is the 'Kitchen Cocktail', says Chef Harcey, "really simple, we shake Jameson whiskey with a little fresh ginger and some fresh lemon. We top it with Crispin cider and you end up with a gingery, lemony refreshing drink.” newsguide.us
“The Crispin Cider Company is looking to enhance your pub experience by giving you an extra drinking option when you step up to the bar.  No longer will the British be the only ones to enjoy ciders at bars.  From now on, not only will the Americans have better teeth, but we will also have a better cider!” BeerBin.com
“Crispin has an exciting lineup of ciders that are unlike other ciders that I've experienced, in that these ciders are impeccably clean to the palate and surprisingly refreshing to drink.” Burt's Food Blog itpmcinc.blogspot.com
“One of my favorite ciders at the moment is called Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider from Minnesota. In three styles: Original, Light and Brut, and consumers are encouraged to enjoy the drink over ice. Any of the three are the perfect accompaniment to any lighter summer fare such as grilled herbed chicken, plank grilled salmon and summer salads.” Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
“The Original is the most intense in terms of apple flavor while avoiding the dreaded cloying, syrupy sweetness. The Light is a great alternative to all those weight-conscious individuals looking for something other than what I like to call seltzer water beer.” Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
“The Brut, my personal preference, is remarkably fresh, effervescent and uplifting.” Lauren Buzzeo, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
“Original, a crisp, tart, clear drink, with 5 percent alcohol; Light, a refreshing, effervescent beverage with just 3.2 percent alcohol; Brut, extra-dry and, well, crisp, with 5.5 percent alcohol; and Honey Crisp reserve, a less filtered, complex brew with a heady 6.5 percent alcohol.” Leah Zeldes, DiningChicago.com
“The Crispin Brut hard cider, made in the European tradition was crisp and light.  At first I was hit by the almost yeastiness of the natural fermentation, but then a soft taste of ripe apple followed.  It's definitely more refined than what I think a lot of people imagine when they think of hard cider.” Kelly pink-apron.com
“Crispin is a "unique alternative to wine or craft beer" and we would agree.” Fred Delkin, Oregon Magazine
“We discovered the amazing wonder that is Crispin cider. Seriously, best bottled drink ever. Ever. ” ValBromann.com
“Crispin Falconetti Evil Cider - Taste of tart apple core (with seeds), some light apple skin, honey and a touch of vanilla. Finish is smooth, a soft carbonation texture with a short lived vanilla, honey and apple core aftertaste, then a crisp a light honey aftertaste. Alcohol is well hidden.” Skyview on RateBeer.com
“Just beacuse you're living a gluten-free lifestyle doesn't mean you can't ring in the new year with a cold brew. Make yours cider. Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider.” Today's Diet & Nutrition
“I think Crispin helped to bring American hard ciders back from the lows of Zima and Smirnoff Ice and closer into the ranks of trendy craft beers.” Annie D'Souza Metromix
“The evening's goal--to show that Crispin Cider and Asian food can live in sweet harmony-- was a great success” Michelle Leon, City Pages
Sashimi was matched with Crispin Honey Crisp. The simple preparation of the delicate fish was a great balance to the simplicity of the ice cold cider served in Crispin's trademark tall glasses.” Michelle Leon, City Pages
“Crispin The Saint. "Quite delightful. An easy-drinking mix of tart apple and maple sweetness. Intriguing yeast-derived flavors set it apart from other commercial ciders. Puts me in mind of some of the funkier French ciders, but not quite. If you like cider and Belgian ales then give this a try” Michael Agnew. A Perfect Pint
“Crispin successfully demonstrated what a good cider should taste like:  one that is made essentially from apple juice, wine or beer yeasts, and honey or maple syrup” Brian Ziegler, ChicagoFoodies.com
“Crispin hard ciders are crisp and clean, not sweet and sticky. From our first sip of their European-style bru - our favorite of the bunch - we knew we'd found a refreshing, light alternative to our go-to summer drink, pinot grigio.” Terry B. www.blue-kitchen.com
“Gorgeous Honey Crisp Artisanal cider that tasted like a stronger version of what any perfect apple cider should be. It was lush and flavorful, making me think of crisp Fall days, the bite and snap of a ripe apple, touched with a tiny hint of honey” Kate In The Kitchen
“[The Saint] Aroma is light and, well, crisp with hints of lemon and appleskin and an underlining banana-clove yeastiness and caramel sweetness.  Palate explodes with sweet, ripe apple, caramel/maple and the aforementioned, slightly funky Trappist yeast characterized by spice and green olive.  Finish is lightly sweet with a yeasty dryness lingering. 43north89west
“[The Saint] There is something wholly fulfilling and comforting about this cider - think mouthwatering handcrafted artisanal candy and freshly baked fruit pies. On the nose notes of green and breezy countryside and a little farm funk...” Hoptopia.com
“[The Saint] There is something wholly fulfilling and comforting about this cider - think mouthwatering handcrafted artisanal candy and freshly baked fruit pies. On the nose notes of green and breezy countryside and a little farm funk...” Hoptopia.com
“[Honey Crisp] Each quaff is another bite into apples fresh from the orchards. Just a wee touch of apple skin bitterness underneath... and then she is gone. As I float on cloud nine of apply pulpy juicy delights, I shed a tear as my glass rises one last time to my lips... and then nevermore. ” otakudensdram.livejournal.com
“[Honey Crisp] I think this cider is very balanced. It is not too sweet, a little bit dry, and very easy to drink despite its high alcohol content. The honey makes its presence well-known, but it is somewhat mellow and overall tastes like a barrel of fresh apples.” otakudensdram.livejournal.com
“[Honey Crisp] I think this cider is very balanced. It is not too sweet, a little bit dry, and very easy to drink despite its high alcohol content. The honey makes its presence well-known, but it is somewhat mellow and overall tastes like a barrel of fresh apples.” alcoholjourney.blogspot.com
“[The Saint] Aroma was floral and slightly spicy. Big juicy apple flavour to start with a sticky sweetness coming from added maple syrup. However, that sweetness soon gave way to a tart and slightly spicy finish with a lingering dry mouthfeel.” AllGoodBeer.com
“[Honey Crisp] Aromas and flavours of fermented apples with a floral sweetness from the added honey. Additional flavours of pear and a bit of breadiness came out as it warmed.” AllGoodBeer.com
“[Crispin Original] The colour was a dark gold with flavours and aromas of fresh, ripe apples. The finish was very crisp and dry with just enough sweetness to ensure it wasn't bitter. Very refreshing.” AllGoodBeer.com
“[The Saint] Apples, pears, lemon and a bit of maple syrup. It finishes very crisp and clean. Extremely easy to drink for a 6.9% cider.” http://www.mikelovesbeer.com
“[The Saint] I'm going out on a limb here and say that this may very well be my favorite cider I've ever had. This is just great. Before I knew it I was through the entire 22oz bomber.” mikelovesbeer.com
“[Original] Grassy notes and champagne hints accent the light apple flavor. Crispin Original is not sweet or overpowering but displays a blend of red and green apple nicely.” beerfm.com
“[Original] A great common cider, Crispin Original Cider is deliciously natural and without unnecessary sugar.” beerfm.com
“[Honey Crisp] A little tart and a little sweet, with a complex hint of fruit. The buzz is giggly and mischievous. For evening, try it with romaine salad and heirloom tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette.” momsorganicblog.com
“[Lansdowne] A rich mahogany color. Flavor is deeper, sweeter, buttery with a dry, crisp finish. The buzz is nostalgic, thankful and warms the mood to music and friends. A great Thanksgiving brew, suitable for comforting dinners and the lengthy socializing. Serve with barbecued Ayrshire pork loin, steamed broccoli and butternut squash risotto.” momsorganicblog.com
“[The Saint] The Saint is as palatable as champagne, maybe even more so. It has a lemony ale appearance with delicate fizz. A complex exploration of fruit, floral and herbal notes is balanced by a cozy, familiar hint of maple syrup. The buzz is chatty, content and could even spur a little dance routine after glass 2.” momsorganicblog.com
“[Crispin Light] 110 calories/12fl oz iteration which landed ideally with my taste buds,as it is named light as well as crisp and airy.” drinkfolio.com
“[Crispin light]Crispin is a classy yet subtly branded hard cider perfect for those that love their share of apples or even cider but crave something more substantial. This chilled libation hits your mouth with crisp enjoyment.” drinkfolio.com
“"delivers a vivid apple sweetness on the nose, and a long dry finish of real fruit and skin-peel tannins."

"add the extra-complexity of bright fruit and levity to a rich imperial stout, like the Ten Fidy from Oskar Blues that I layered like ganache on top".”
Criag Laban - Philadelphia Inquirer
“The Belgian yeast is VERY noticeable in the nose. Sweet yet tart apples are the main highlight, though just a hint of maple syrup is faintly available".

"The first nuance to hit this apple cider was the maple syrup, while it is quite subtle, it is still recognizable, weaving its way in and out of the picture and working well with the other flavors. That cider twang you'd expect is also there, tart and acidic, with Granny Smith Apples that are juicing on the side. Basically, it's very juicy. Some interesting spiciness closes in toward the end as well".”
“Lansdowne. "Rich, sweet and surprisingly smoky. I can really fee that smoke in the back of my nose and on the palate too. And every sip starts with that rich viscous nectar". ” http://www.dailybeerreview.com/
“Lansdowne also holds enough body to stand up to many foods from grilled asparagus to a juicy burger ” Drink This
“One thing is for certain, the Crispin Cider Co. has beyond proved themselves as a go-to brewer for quality ciders. If you see Crispin on the menu, definitely treat yourself.” http://www.brewchief.com/review.cfm?id=264#.TsaBy20914Q.twitter
“"The next time you're being bullied by craft beer geeks for buying cider, bust open a bottle of Stagger Lee, let them get a sip and then leave them to their sad, little yesterday's news IPA. It'll taste like their Bud-loving cousin's homebrew when compared with Crispin's masterpiece". ” http://www.thestreet.com - Jason Notte
“Crispin's Stagger Lee is a remarkably delicious cider. To be honest, this cider has set a new precedent for what I desire from barrel aged brews: balance.” http://www.brewchief.com/review.cfm?id=502
“The Jacket is a sippin cider best enjoyed in a rocks glass. A reflective cider with sublime balance even at 8.3% ABV. Substantive & complex without being overbearing. ” http://chefevent.com/2012/03/16/st-patricks-day-beer-suggestions/
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