The Four Musketeers

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Alexandre Dumas first serialized his Musketeer novel in March 1844. The swashbuckling adventures of 4 inseparable friends - D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos & Aramis. French Musketeers who live by the motto - "All for one. One for all."

Crispin celebrates the adventurous drinker, and the adventurous bar, with a collection of 4 unique individual unfiltered draught ciders each aged in a different red wine barrel. The ciders are first available for Baltimore Beer Week in October 2010.

To celebrate the fraternity of great beer bars, consumers will only be able to enjoy the 4 unique ciders by visiting 4 different bars each hosting just one of the ciders. All for one, and one for all - a real swashbuckling cider adventure.

The oldest musketeer by some years, Athos is a father figure to the other musketeers. He is described as noble and handsome but also very secretive, drowning his secret sorrows in drink.


The Cider: Stately, courtly, bold, noble and elegant. Aged in a Cabernet Sauvignon barrel.

A deep plum color lends into the aroma of clover honey with a hint of anise. An elegant refined sweet start moves to a plum honey flavor, with hints of black licorice and a clean rich finish on your mouth.


Honest and slightly gullible, the extrovert of the group, enjoying wine, women and song. His eating abilities even impress King Louis XIV during a banquet at Versailles.

The Cider: Fun, lively, very full bodied & robust. Aged in a Zinfandel barrel.

A rich red Rose' colored cider with an aroma of elderberry, cranberry & oak. Upon swirling it in your mouth you get a rich, full, lightly sweet feel. Opens to tart, round fruit & rolls into light tannin, with a rounded full finish.


Aramis loves and intrigues women, is constantly ambitious and unsatisfied. He holds very firmly to the sacred concept of friendship.

The Cider: Sexy, smooth and silky, fragrant & perfumed. A slightly dangerous edge. Aged in a Merlot barrel.

Pinkish hued with a slight haze, Aramis has an aroma of rose & pomegranate. With a delicate, soft roundness in the mouth, and a light lingering bite. The flavor is subtle with a soft vinous start, while the middle is semi-sweet fruit.


A hotheaded youth and romantic lover.

The Cider: Spicy, lively. Peppery temperament. Aged in a Pinot Noir barrel.

Soft, light, peachy appearance & hue. The aroma is of spicy ginger with faint hints of fruit. A slightly sweet flavor with light ginger notes up front & a round honey dew like finish with a slight hint of warmth.

* Limited Release Cider - No Longer Available *

Certified Gluten Free

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